Sifrei Ramchal

Dere’h tevunot, Sefer hahigayone and Sefer hamelitza Ramchal
Translated into English by Rabbi D. Sackton et Rabbi C. Tscholkovsky

Derech tevunot Ramchal
Traduit en français par Rabbi Y. Lederman

על ספר ההגיון רמח״ל ועל המתודה הרמיסטית בכתביו
On Moses Hayyim Luzzatto’s Logic and on Ramist Influence in His Writings by C. H. Manekin

רמח״ל לשון למודים
Leshon limudim
 by the Ramchal


Terminologie logique  Rambam
Milot hahigayon traduit en français par Rabbi A.Ventura

Maimonides’ Treatise on Logic Rambam
Milot hahigayon translated into English by Rabbi I.Efron

Sefer ha-Heqqesh ha-Yashar Ralbag
The Book of the Correct Syllogism of Gersonides translated into English by C. H. Manekin

מלבי״ם יסודי חכמת ההגיון
Foundations of the science of logic by the Malbim

Charting the sea of talmud Y. Ury
A visual method that is the higayon of the future

Diqduq & Melitza

The Book of the Honeycomb’s Flow Rav Yehuda ben Yechiel Harofe
Translated by I.Rabinowitz

Mathematical logic
Puzzle and games
British Ramists and Poets