The Society

The Society for the Diffusion of Higayon is

  • an independent non profit organisation
  • committed to Torah Judaism
  • committed to young people education

and aims

  • to use diagrammatic devices to make easier the application of Ramchal’s logic
  • to produce resources adapted to young people by using games, puzzles and narratives

and its members are

  • Yehuda Mishmasher (Antwerp) learned 10 years in hassidishe yeshivos in Brooklin. He is interested in Halacha, Rambam’s Mishne Torah and Ramchal’s logic.
  • Jonathan Lieberman (Jerusalem) teaches Talmud and Ramchal’s logic.
  • Michael Sappakhas (London) is a SQL programmer who works in IT industry.  He learns Rambam’s Mishne Torah, Ramchal’s logic, visual logic and logic puzzles.
  • Christofer Swinburne (Oxford) teaches logic at the All Souls college. He published The logical works of Lewis Carroll, The visual logic of Lewis Carroll and How to teach logic to children.
  • Antoine Glotzberger (Paris) teaches argumentation theory at University of Sorbonne. He published The new syllogistics and Syllogistics for the yeshiva.
  • Rav Roni Abouteboul (Bne Braq) reviews all publications of the Society. He knows chazal at fingertips.